Winter Suits These Finnish Cats Perfectly

Furry super-star Sämpy is a “6-year-old domestic cat and isn’t a special breed, although he looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat,” owner Riikka Hedman shared in an interview for Bored Panda. “Elmeri, the gray cat, is 11 and he is also a domestic cat. Hiski, the biggest tabby without white paws, is a half-Norwegian Forest cat and is 2 years old.” Sämpy is an adventurist! He loves outdoors when it’s not too cold. “He is so happy when he goes with me on a small trip to the old forest near our house. There is a small river there, as well as many other exciting places, and interesting scents.” The famous trio loves jumping over fun obstacles Riikka makes for them. Riikka also won the 2014 Photographer of the Year title in a Finnish photography magazine’s competition. Soon after newspapers were writing about Sämpy, then Facebook requests came and later a successful and wholesome Instagram account was born. The photobook was published as well back in 2016 and another one this year.
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Meet the famous Sämpy (on the right) and his pal Hiski (on the left)


They love jumping over fun obstacles their owner makes for them

They are not Norwegian Forest Cats – they are just simple domestic cats, not a special breed.


Sämpy is a 6-year-old and he has white paws


This is Nelli, unfortunately, she passed away last year

These are Nelli and Elmeri (on the right) who’s an 11-year-old domestic cat


“I think that in a good cat picture the cat needs to be natural and do its own cat things.”

Humm… Strange I would say, quite strange paw.


Absolutely fabulous

Enjoying winter life


Werewolves of Finland


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