Poetic Designs Made Out of Vintage Clothing, Plant Materials, and Found Objects by Ron Isaacs

Trompe-l’œil is an art technique where realistic imagery is used to achieve optical illusion creating a 3D appearance of the same object. An incredible veteran of art with almost 8 decades of life experience behind him, Ron Isaacs uses Trompe-l’œil in his own special way. Telling stories in a poetic manner, coated in mysteries and wisdom embellish each art piece created by his hands. Combining vintage clothing with plant materials and found objects is a pattern Isaacs sticks to. It’s the approach that brought him many variables and excitement from the unknown final art piece of always surprising form and meaning. Isaacs uses Finnish birch plywood and paints with matte acrylics evoking strange déjà vu, a connection of human life and nature that we all already know of on some subconscious level. His vintage clothes form a ghost within, an imagined figure of a human presence made of natural elements, with histories to unravel. The reason Isaacs loves using vintage clothing for his work is also very poetic – “I use vintage clothing for the way it continues the life of the past into the present, for its rich structures and colors and shapes, and for its anthropomorphic presence as a stand-in for the figure.”

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Ron Isaacs uses ‘Trompel’œil’ technique to create his art pieces

Vintage clothing, plant materials, and found objects are part of the regular pattern Isaacs loves to follow.


Over the already complex construction, Isaacs paints using matte acrylics to finish off the design.

It always feels like there is an epic history behind these figures that evoke human presence underneath.


A world where the true connection between nature and human life exists in harmony.

via [thisiscolossal]