Top 20 Funniest Sleeping Dogs

Dogs often doze off even when they’re not tired, though some sleeping position might mean different things. According to PetDoors fetal position refer to dogs being shy and sensitive. The position provides security, and those dogs need extra love from their humans and other animals. Of course, there are cases when dogs are simply gathering more body heat. The second position can be all fours sticking outwards. It means your dog is a little chilly willy who seems comfortable everywhere, anytime – super friendly dogs. Next position – spooning dogs. Loyalty and friendship between the two or more dogs. Dogs can comfort each other if one has a bad day. If a dog sleeps under some sort of clothing or a blanket we are talking about dogs that are a bit more anxious then other dogs. They require a lot of caring and love. No matter how your dog sleeps, make sure to love him with all of your heart and take a picture of his silliest naps. Those are always beautiful memories. For cat lovers – check out our hilarious cats at vets post.

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