Tiny Warm Cabin in the Cold Swiss Alps

This beautiful tiny cabin is built in the Sarreyer hillside where it gets its name from (Sarreyer Cabin) above a little village in the Swiss Alps. Amazingly constructed by Rapin Saiz Architects, it was meant to have a complete contrast between interior and exterior design. To maintain anonymity from outside the cabin has a very old and fragile look but when you step inside the surprise is mind-staggering. Clean interior almost entirely from oak panels gives away a warm feel and represent a safe haven from the cold outside weather. Windows are very weirdly and unsymmetrically shaped and positioned to make the majestic surrounding scenery visible in the most wonderful way. The interior is cleverly designed using minimal space very efficiently. In the ground, there’s basement with a living-room for friends and family to enjoy their time together by the warm log burner. Above the basement is the first floor with pretty spacious kitchen, dining room, and setting area. There is one more level to it and that’s a loft with a beautiful bedroom that has a big window looking at the stars to brighten the marvelous night in the mountains.

By Rapin Saiz Architects


Located in the Sarreyer hillside above a small vilage in the Swiss Alps

Designed to have majestic view of the surrounding scenery,


And complete contrast between interior and exterior design

Efficiently used small space

First floor – kitchen, dining room, and setting area.


This is a living-room in the basement

Bedroom in the loft level with a stars brightening the mountain night


via [ignant]