Swedish Icehotel 31 – Entirely Made Out of Ice and Snow – Now Open Year-Round

“200 km above the Arctic Circle, in the magical light from the midnight sun and the northern lights is where you’ll find Icehotel.” Located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 15 minutes away from the closest airport and train station. This means that you can choose how to get from there directly to the Icehotel – bus or dog sled. When you reach your destination, the Ice Hotel offers you a warm hotel room or cabin, but also the main attraction, the night in the luxury suite surrounded by ice sculptures (created by 40 different artists including all the art in the hotel). There are Art Exhibitions in the Experience Room that is also entirely made out of ice. The recommendation says you should pick to spend one night in the ice room, and a couple of nights in chalets or traditional hotel rooms. Interestingly, the original Icehotel was built in 1989 as the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow and it lasted only from December until April and was rebuilt each next year. In 2016 Icehotel was built with a permanent structure, enabling the option to stay and enjoy the ice art through the entire year.

More info: Visit Icehote, Tikets.

Enter the 31st Icehotel entirely made out of ice and snow!

Photo credits: Asaf Kliger

Located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

40 different artists are hired each year to create new exciting ice sculptures.


This might be the world’s coldest sauna.

Each year the Icehotel is different and unique, since it melts away after April…

But in 2016, the icy construction has gained an extra exterior, a permanent one, so guests could come visit year-round and enjoy the ice art.

There are up to 12 art suites, individually designed and sculpted thematically.


There are 15-20 standard icerooms with ice décor and a bed made of ice.

Art Exhibitions in the Experience Room.

The original Icehotel was built in 1989.

Each year it would melt and later artists would rebuilt it for the December.


The hotel offers you also a warm hotel room, cabin, and a luxury  suite surrounded by ice art.

It’s recommended to spend just one night in the Iceroom, and the rest of your time in traditional hotel rooms.

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