Surreal Images That Will Make You Look Twice

Swiss-born photographer and digital artist based in Berlin, Monica Carvalho, has always been fascinated by art that is challenging for the eyes. Carvalho’s photomontages are produced on Adobe Photoshop, with images from her portfolio, by combining models (herself, friends or family) with landscape photos she takes on travels. “My artistic motto is simple: to make the ordinary extraordinary! I believe that if you shift your way of looking at ordinary things, they can acquire a new potential: clothes, people, food, architecture, nature, animals – anything has the power to inspire…” The “bodyscapes” below, illustrate Carvalho’s fascination for the connection between the human body and natural elements. She perceives the human body itself as a landscape. What is also interesting and fun, is that the titles of her artworks tend to be either puns or weird/unrelated words to puzzle people even more. Enjoy our picks, and we hope that Monica Carvalho succeeds in her mission and inspired you, and made you look at the world differently. For more of Carvalho’s surreal art visit her Instagram Page and INPRNT Gallery where you can also purchase some of the prints.



Eye-Ce Cream

Poker (F)ace



When You Are One With Music

“Ain’t No Mountain H-eye Enough”

Mother Nature Is Watching You

The Sk-eye Is The Limit


Saucy Lips

Meditation Retreat

Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

The Eye-cing On The Cake

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