Super Cool Barry, The Bowl Cut Head Canary

“I’m the birb with the fringe!” On Instagram, you can find so many beautiful photos of super cool Barry the bowl cut head canary (I love saying that). Gloster canary by the name of Barry is a young and rising star on the Internet today, with just 5k followers. Our little adorable handsome fella is a Coronas, crested head Gloster canary. Today’s look of these birds is due to long-lasting selective breeding, but they’re originally from Canary islands as the name implies. Very charismatic and hard to get birds, they have an impressive talent for singing but they lack the love for human socializing. Still, their diva personality suits them perfectly making them even more popular. As for Barry, well Barry is a super cool bowl cut head canary.

This is Barry’s famous rainbow ‘birb’ picture


He’s an amazing singer

And a real cutie

He dances


He rocks the wet look

He’s a superstar in his own mind


If a bird can do it…


If you didn’t know, this is Barry, he’s a super cool bowl cut head canary

For more photos visit Barry’s Instagram

via [boredpanda]