Stunning Nightscapes and Astrophotography by Felix Heisig

Very few have the talent and the patience for this particular type of photography. Self-taught nightscape photographer Felix Heisig grew even more in love with the night as he reached for the stars with his camera. After many shots done under the light of the beautiful stars, Felix felt like he should give his attention to his everlasting companions. He both the special equipment and started focusing on astrophotography. An adventurer from Mainz, Germany has his facebook very active with deep notes of how every shot came to reality. Recording the complete milky way as a long band and not as a bow is just one of his great accomplishments. 5 nights and 22 hours of exposure time is a little personal record for just one astrophoto Felix has and it only shows how much work is put into these shots.

Sligachan – Scotland



Horsehead Nebula


French Alps – Lac de Serre-Ponçon

Rosette Nebula


Complete milky way as a long band

The old man of storr


via [photogrist]