Starbucks’ Mermaid Cups Used as Canvas for Amazing Illustrations

There are latte artists and now even artists that make art out of coffee cups themselves. Soo Min Kim is incredibly creative and his work is absolutely amusing and fun art. He transformed plastic Starbucks’ Mermaid cups into unique and witty scenarios from everyday life or trending movies. In his work, you can see a secret life of Starbucks’ mermaid, fantastic illustrations of Leto’s Joker and Margot’ Harley Quinn. He did an even better job on ‘Dawn of Justice’ than the movie itself. He goes by his artistic name FSEO and you can see more of these amazing illustrations on his Instagram or the Facebook page. If you liked this ‘coffee cup art’ make sure to check out another adventurous artist and his traveling cup artwork.

Soo Min Kim is a South Korean artist who created these amazing illustrations


He revealed a whole new secret life of Starbucks’ mermaid

Presented better than on a big screen


Extremly creative and witty aproach to his art

Amazing Leto’s Joker and Margot’s Harley Quinn


Famous Painting by Edward Munch – ‘The Scream’

Cutting out upper part to create sky and the moon. Fantastic!


via [boredpanda]