Skyscrapers of Shanghai in Jaw-dropping photo Series by Aaron Shao

Shanghai-based photographer Aaron Shao is living his dream and making photography art we admire. Drone pilot, urban explorer and self-taught photographer, Shao is mostly focused on architecture but enjoys landscapes as much. His trusty equipment is a Sony a7R III camera and DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and results are incredible as you can see below. Artist talks about his career on his official website in this way: “I Fell in love with Photography since I was 14. After 5 years working in the hotel industry and events planning, I realized photography is what I truly wanted to start a career with. I am obsessed with capturing the best aspects of the subject (architecture, interior, hotel, landscape, etc. ). Every time I press the shutter I love photography more and more.”


Shanghai, China

Cityscapes of Shanghai look like those we see only in ‘far-fetched’ sci-fi movies


Modern beauty

Looks like Goku had to climb this as a child to find Korin

Aaron Shao uses Sony a7R III camera and DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone


“You can easily capture such amazing fog in April,” artist shares on Instagram

Imagine flying through this hole


Via [photogrist]