Family Travels 26,000Km in 4 Months with 6-Year-Old Son in Sidecar Motorcycle

In just 4 months this amazing couple with their 6-year-old son has traveled from Romania (Europe) all the way to Mongolia (Asia) in their beloved 2014 Ural Ranger sidecar that they call ‘Zair’ crossing over 26.000km through 12 beautiful countries. But their trip didn’t start there, oh no. 2 years ago their son Vladimir was just a 4-year-old with a t-shirt ‘I want to see the world’. And he did. The first 4 month trip in summer of 2015 with a sidecar Zair was across entire Europe traveling over 28,000khm enjoying 41 countries and their unique cultures. After this adventure, they’ve decided to test their sidecars off-road capabilities and take the less traveled roads to the Caucasus, Georgia, and Armenia. Below you will find a map and their drawn path from the beginning of their awe-inspiring journey.

Their trip started 2 years ago in Europe


They’ve crossed 53 countries in this sidecar motorcycle

Their son was only 4-years-old when they’ve started their first 4 month trip


Overwhelming Mongolian sky couldn’t hold one more star


The path they took in past 3 years


Bukhara, Uzbekistan

“The most beautiful rainbow we’ve ever seen in Kyrgyzstan”


Song Kul Lake Kyrgyzstan

Son Vladimir with a t-shirt: “I want to see the world.”


“Last picture before getting home in Romania”

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