Seamus Wray ‘Draws’ Himself Insane in Oil on Canvas Portrait Painting Inception

The moment I saw these 5 “inception/Droste effect” paintings I said to my self I want them! Luckily you can get them on the artist’s online shop. With that out of the way, we can learn more about Seamus Wray himself. The Chicago-based painter felt like such progression of continuous painting in a painting portraits came naturally, “as he seemed to be going mad painting himself, painting himself.” The second art piece was a drawing but all the rest and the previous one were oil on canvas, making it all a mixed-media series. “What comes next? Another painting. Are we all just living in a painting?” It certainly is a question that keeps looping back to the philosophical minds in both serious and comical tones throughout the times. Mostly inspired by popular culture and media; you can visit Wray’s Instagram for more incredible oil on canvas paintings of Danny DeVito from time to time and many other beloved actors and characters from popular tv shows and movies and much more.

More info: Online Shop, Instagram.


“A self-portrait painting myself.” – Oil on canvas – by Seamus Wray

Photo credits: Seamus Wray

I painted a painting of me painting.”

I drew a picture of me painting a picture of me painting myself painting myself. Mixed media on canvas.”

“I painted myself drawing myself painting myself painting myself painting myself. Oil on canvas.”


“I painted myself painting myself drawing myself painting myself painting myself painting myself.”

Wray’s Instagram is full of amazing oil on canvas paintings inspired by the pop culture

He’s particularly fond of painting Danny DeVito


Not Danny DeVito, but still, quite good.

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