Rare and Majestic – 15 Wild Cat Breeds You Might Have Never Seen

Depending on the organization that tracks all the different breeds of cats in the world, there could be at least 44 cat breeds (CFA) or even 73 (TICA). Population numbers are not public, which makes tracking them that much harder. Still, each year these organizations release a ranked list with population numbers for each cat breed, while tracking is mostly based on the number of cats born by year. Roughly 25 million years ago cats had evolved into a separate family called Felidae. In ancient Egypt, people had believed that cats were magical creatures, bringing luck to ones who take care of them. Egyptians fed their cats like royalty and dressed them in jewels. In the end when they die they would mummify them. Today, we still look at large wild cats as awe-inspiring and majestic, though mostly our house cats are just little lovely proud fluffs. Somehow, it is easy to forget that there are many unique and extremely rare cats in the world (Unfortunately due to unauthorized hunting). Today we will share with you some the most intriguing and the most endangered cat breeds in the world to celebrate these fascinating animals.
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Canadian Lynx

Source: Les Piccolo

Black-footed Cat – Looks like Mort from Madagascar

Source: Philladelphia Zoo

Iberian Lynx

Source: www.care.com

Pallas Cat

Source: Oscar Carlos Cortelezzi

Serval – looking like a lama cat

Source: Vearl Brown


Source: Andy Whittaker & Aque Fortuna

Sand Cat

Source: adremeaux


Source: Tambako the Jaguar

Bay Cat – basically a monkey cat?

Source: Abujoy

Jaguarundi – basically a Koala cat?

Source: Joachim S. Mueller

Chinese Mountain Cat – should we say a cat with a raccoon tail?

Source: wikipedia.org

Clouded Leopard

Source: Lillian King

Asian Golden Cat

Source: wikipedia.org

Pampas Cat

Source: L8 PHOTOS Lucas Leite


Source: Jonathan Truong

Flat-headed Cat

Source: Gary Albert, via [boredpanda], [care.com]