Parisian Monuments Digitally Redone as Pop Culture Heroes We All Love

You’re watching the fruits of collaboration between fantastic photographer and retoucher Benoit Lapray and studio 95 Magenta and Emmanuelle Vonck Lugand. French artist, Lapray was walking the streets of Paris in 2015, when he was struck with an idea to replace the Parisian monuments with heroes from pop culture. Now that is a project that people of all ages would enjoy, for example, my father would be smiling from ear to ear if he saw the giant statue of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit since it’s his favorite cartoon. Anyway, Lapray finally had time to focus on this project 3 years later, and in the period between 2018 and 2020, he was able to complete 13 visuals. “I am delighted to finally be able to present this work that has been in my mind for many years,”the artist wrote on his Facebook page. Half of the photos’ CGI elements were done by the studio 95 Magneta and the other half by CGI graphic designer Emmanuelle Vonck Lugand.“The pictures of this series were taken “à l’ancienne”, in film. The negatives were then digitized, then retouched, to add CGI elements. The figurines, which served as a basis for this work, were “scanned” in studio with the photogrammetry process.”

More info: Facebook, Official Website, Behance.

Photo credits: Benoit Lapray

Created by French photographer and retoucher Benoit Lapray

Donkey, we’ve made it!

I Wonder Woman why your movies so suck?!


“You shall not pass. Go back to the shadows!” Gandalf would be so rude as a monument.

The Legend… It would be an honor if that sword fell on you and killed you.

“I only wish that I lived long enough to play Beat Saber in VR. I would be awesome!”


Now make the Thor monument next to it and make them fight!

Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit <3

The night has fallen, but we will be protected by this crazy smirking mutant turtle!

These guys would be the worst guards ever…

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