Mesmerizing Flower Crowns Presented by Our Beloved Pets

This is a story about one creative human and her beautiful, inspiring pet – Australian shepherd Freya. Freya was just a pup when Yarely for the first time decided to create a floral crown for her and take some cute photos for Instagram. Can you imagine? What started as a simple prop for a picture soon turned into a brand as Yarely received such positive feedback and she came up with the idea to start making crowns for other dogs to spread the love. So, our crafty Californian college professor is now a founder of Freya’s Floral Company that offers a selection of flower crowns for both, people and animals. Yarely uses artificial flowers to construct delicate compositions, even offering custom orders and every single crown she makes is unique, even the ones made out of the same selection of flowers having different compositions. As a Chicana and Spanish speaker, she draws inspiration from the colors and the vibrant energy of the landscapes she sees on her visits to Mexico. Although Freya is the heart of her business and a great model. Since Yarely started offering the flower crowns to the public, there have been many who wanted to put their dog in this magical couture. Yet, one of the greatest models to rock the flowery accessories is Leonidas, a spectacular Instagram star from Chicago. Leo is a Maine Coon cat with close to 150k followers on the image-based social media site and his momager Jane has been a huge source of support for Yarely helping her to promote floral crowns business and giving her advice. Now, go on and admire to all of those majestic models, dreamy looking cats and sassy dogs who absolutely praising some real fashion sense.

Artist and her muse – our stars, Freya and Yarely


Maggie and Orbit – Yarely’s favorite winning duo

Pete in a pop of blue for the fall


Stunning Leonidas

Meet Kōta– proud American Alsatian and little brother of Leonidas


Another Instagram star – Maple Cat

There she is, heart and soul of Freya’s Flower Company

Leo the Maine Coon, isn’t he enchanting?


And this is Keira

Freya with her charming floral collar

Keira rocks this moody purple crown


Flower crowned Joey

Our matchless king Leo

And queen Freya

[via boredpanda]