Oscar-Nominated Flicks with a Corgi Twist

Are you getting ready for the 92nd Academy Awards? In a few days, precisely February the 10th, we’ll find out who won the Oscars but before that, we have one different kind of winner for you. The internet-famous corgi Maxine is known for her fluffy butt and adorable smile. But beyond her oversized ears and knack for fitting into a backpack, she’s also a movie star – to her pawrents, at least. So, with the film awards season in full swing, it only makes sense to have Maxine at the center of Oscar-nominated flicks. And that’s exactly what her humans, Bryan Reisberg and Alex Garyn did; 2019 movies have been reimagined around the corgi. Check out these pawesome movie posters and follow Maxine on her Instagram Page.

“Once Upon a Time in Fluffywood” aka “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


“Maxsommar” aka “Midsommar”

“Paracorg” aka “Parasite”

“The Doghouse” aka “The Lighthouse”


“Maxine’s Story” aka “Marriage Story”

“Unfluffed Corgs” aka “Uncut Gems”

“Corgi” aka “Joker”

“Corgi v Ferrari” aka “Ford v Ferrari”


“Fluffies” aka “Hustlers”

“Max” aka “Us”

via [mymodernmet]