Earless 3-Legged Bunny Mimi Receives Crocheted Ears Made by her Lovely Owner

Fluffy white bunny born deaf, without ears and with only three legs is an internet sensation and a heartwarming story of its own. For a bunny with no ears, Mimi has a quite impressive collection of those and that’s all thanks to her incredible owner Rodajia Welch. 22-year-old makes cosplay ears made of crocheted wool just for Mimi, the adorable white honey bunny. Welch got Mimi through her volunteer work where she gives basic pet care for those who are homeless and financially struggling in her hometown of Sacramento. “As soon as I saw Mimi I fell in love and couldn’t wait to take her home, says Welch. The origin of her name comes from Kemonomimi, which is a form of cosplay where the characters have animal ears. Now Mimi has more ears than any other bunny in the world. “It was perfect because she didn’t have any ears and she could be whatever she wanted to be. She only wears the ears after I’ve just made them for pictures, or when she’s sitting with me. She lets me put them on her but for safety reasons I don’t tie them in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy.”

Meet Mimi, a bunny born without ears


Her amazing owner makes her fake crocheted ears


She has a quite imrpessive set

Mimi is also born with only 3 legs

Mimi wears these hats and ears only for pictures right after they’re made


The owner never ties them in a knot for safety reasons,

So Mimi can take them of at any time by herself

via [boredpanda]