Ninja Warrior Squirrel Edition – Built by Former NASA Engineer

25 million views on a squirrel video published on May 24th, 2020! You might want to stick around even though it’s 22 minutes long, many say they wish it was at least an hour-long! The former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, is now a very successful experimental/scientific YouTuber with more than 12 million subscribers. After working 9 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and 7 of those on Curiosity Rover, which is now on Mars, it was only logical for Mark to continue nurturing his problem-solving skills. This time it was squirrels! Putting up a bird feeder in his backyard invited squirrels on a feast each time. So he thought: “If they walk through my 8-part ninja warrior obstacle course,” they are free to gorge on the walnuts right next to the birds. Bored Panda contacted an evolutionary biologist to hear what an expert thinks about Rober’s obstacle course. “It’s an awesome demonstration of what amazing acrobats and persistent problem-solvers arboreal squirrels are,” said Amanda N. Robin. “His obstacles only begin to touch the surface of just how agile and intelligent these iconic backyard visitors really are.” Breaking into Mark’s bird feeders is no longer breaking, but congratulations on such remarkable skills and determination of these beautiful animals.

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25 million views on a squirrel video published on May 24th, 2020!


Watch the 22-minute video by YouTuber (Ex-NASA engineer) Mark Rober

“Next step – the maze of a thousand corridors”


“If they make it through that, it will bring them to the pitchfork tumblers.”

Then the homewrecker


It worked!

Now the full parkour skills are put to the test


The love for nuts is beyond anything

So close!


Made it!

The prize!

Let the feast begin!

via [boredpanda]