Nature Wins Every Time

We tend to build above the previous civilizations, the proof comes from all the dig sites, where we rediscover ancient floors and ruins of buildings long before us. Unfortunately, we tend to torture nature as well, especially in the last couple of decades, but nature always comes back, as shown in these beautiful ‘Nature Overtake’ photos. There are pyramids, and cities buried deep underneath the hills and rainforests of Guatemala that are just under our feet and we don’t even know it. Nature never stops, it grows and it spreads through, inside and out from anything human tries to build. If you love nature eating up human builds, you might want to take a look at a horrifying mosquito invasion of the Chinese complex of 20 residential buildings getting swallowed by the wild exotic overgrown balcony plants. Also, check out the ‘Nature‘ section on Curious Doodle for more great stories and photos.

Image Credit: Vijaykulange
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Giant Agave

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Putzar Castle In Germany

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Boat Island

Image Credit: Anton Rijsdijk
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Chinese Fishing Village Abandon In The 1990s. – Houtouwan

Image Credit: Green Jane

“MS World Discoverer Was A German Expedition Cruise Ship. It Hit A Uncharted Reef In The Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands, 29 April 2000.”

Image Credit: sv_manjana

1965 vs. 2012

Image Credit: Marion Family Photo, Andy Milford
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This is why we tend to build above the old civilizations. Nature always wins.

Image Credit: DrFetusRN

Radioactive Cars From the Fukushima Disaster Slowly Being Overtaken by Nature

Image Credit: Arkadiusz Podniesiński
Image Credit: psithurism_daze

Old Shiva Temple Firmly and the Sacred Bodhi Tree in Bangladesh

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Real grass seeing through the fake one.

Image Credit: ameades, via [boredpanda]