The Most Wrinkled Shar-Pei Pup Looks Like He Has a Hoodie On All the Time

The first old-age wrinkles are scary, but when you’re so old and full of wrinkles you become the adorable oldy. This six-month-old Shar Pei, named Harvey is just like our old grandmas and grandpas, adorably super wrinkled, but from birth, like Benjamin Button. Let’s just call Harvey the Brad Pit of dogs even though he’s not even a Brad nor a Pitbull. Harvey is basically wearing an oversized hoody all the time. His owner, Teresa, says his wrinkles and his skin makes him super soft and perfect for cuddles. Imagine that, oh boy! “It is very soft, and the wrinkles are very beautiful. In fact, one of the things I like the most about Harvey is his wrinkles and giant double chin.” The pup was born on October 9th in Menorca, Spain. Unfortunately due to his above-average wrinkles, Harvey had troubles with his sight. Shar-Peis often need medical staples to help them open their eyes, but Harvey needed more. His eyes got infected, and for more than 2 months he could open his eyes. The vet gave Harvey stitches, antibiotics, and cream for the eyes, each week. After scary five months, he was healed. “It was a blessing the day that Harvey followed my finger with his eyes since for months he would bump into doors, chairs, tables, beds and he couldn’t play because he was afraid to move.” Highly popular and loved, Harvey is not just another cute dog blanket on the internet. Teresa uses his likability to spread awareness on healthcare, sharing tips and ideas about some health problems and their solutions.

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Meet the tiny Harvey, the Shar-Pei pup.

Photo credits: harvey.thesharpei

He’s a 6-month-old and he’s got more wrinkles than the average Shar-Pei.

These wrinkles are the reason why often Shar-Peis need medical staples to help them open their eyes.

Harvey and his two siblings.


The hoodie gang.

Little guys…

They grow up so fast.

Playing like hippopotami.


You can see the medical staples around the eyes of wrinkled pups.

But Harvey’s so wrinkled, the medical staples were not enough, and his eyes got infected.

For 2 months he could see.

Luckily his awesome mommy Teresa did everything right and Harvey got his sight back.


Harvey is seriously loved and cuddled like no one.

He has his routine.

Going outside, going to the beach, enjoying a personal spa every two days when Teresa moisturizes between his wrinkles all over his body to avoid irritation.

Such a spoiled guy. And he deserves it!


Enjoying the sun.


Being Harvey

Double chin Harvey


Teresa uses his likability to spread awareness on Shar-Peis healthcare, sharing tips and ideas.

“The truth is that I did not expect this great affection from the people online. I have discovered a great digital community and family with whom I talk a lot and interact almost every day. Thanks to some of them, I have been able to exchange a lot of advice, learn new things, and above all be able to share Harvey’s day-to-day life with people.”

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