Elegant Geometry, and Stylish Surrealism in Matteo Nangeroni’s Tattoos

Matteo Nangeroni is more than an interesting artist to watch if you have a weakness for creative tattoos. The tattoo artist from Padua in Italy attracts attention with his exquisite precision, and stylish graphic compositions used in tattoos. In the works he combines portrait technique with surrealistic composition elements, which are simultaneously attractive and strange. Nangeroni creates amazing images that carry in themselves, is not immediately noticeable double meaning. In most of his tattoos, seemingly incompatible elements are connected, and the contemplator can only ask questions, what is the relationship between them and how they intersect. All this makes his works – excellent representatives of contemporary fine arts. So, if you love colorful geometry, exquisite dotwork, and artistic tattoos, be sure to follow Matteo Nangeroni on Instagram!

Between Abyss and Redemption


The Unavoidable End of Those Who Think with the Head of the Others

The Keeper of the Moon

Flying Over a Black Sun


Love is Simply the Name for the Desire and Pursuit of the Whole

Paint Your Faith as You Want It

Erase and Rewind

Little Bee


Mini Whale-Shark

Flying Over the World of No One

Say Hi

Paint Your Own World as You Imagine It


When the Sky Was Cold and the Earth Was Pure

The Plastic Jellyfish


Your Subconscious Might Take You


Frida Kahlo – Miniature

Enchanted Creatures

Create Your Own Art, Create Yourself

Far, Far Away. Bring Me There.

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