“Marvels” – 1st Place in Fine Art in the International Photography Awards 2019

“How will places look when forces of nature reclaim what once was lost, will the new inhabitants of these marvels simply be bypassers or will they stay and make thriving cities of nature’s life.” “Marvels” photo series was made as a collaboration between Yoerie Custers and Lorleon – Cheraine Collette. Custers is responsible for the photography of the decor of uninhabited places, and Collette did Photoshop magic, photographs of the animals and post-production. The idea was born when two artists met two years ago and found out about each other’s inspirations and passion. Read more about these two marvelous photographers and their projects on Lorleon’s official website. Enjoy awarded photo series in our gallery bellow.

Shall We Dance?


Tallest In The Building

Staring Lions

Steps Of A Giant


Monkey Business

Camel Spa

Dress Code

Stairs And Stripes


Water Ballet

Waltz Of The Whales


via [boredpanda]