Magical Engagement Photo-Shoot in Frozen Wonderland at Bald River Falls

Happy couple Josh Morris and lovely Morgan Daye from Tennessee first planned their engagement photo-shoot to be in front of Bald River Falls, an absolutely beautiful place but they didn’t exactly plan it this way. As their photographer, Kellie Elmore explains: “Josh and Morgan wanted to shoot in the mountains and around the falls from the beginning. It’s a beautiful area and reflects what brought them together; their interest in the outdoors, nature and hiking.” The couple knew that falls were gorgeous at any time of year, but they pleasantly shocked to see how stunning it was under its winter spell. “We didn’t know when we planned the shoot, but a few days prior we found out through social media that the falls were frozen.” In terms of being a safe place to be, they wanted first to make sure the ice was thick enough, but as they arrived there were already dozens of people on it. |The photo-shoot ended up strikingly magical and unforgettable for everyone involved. “I am overwhelmed and overjoyed. To have something you love so much to do be shared on such huge platforms and large scale, it’s a true blessing.” If you wish to see more check out Kellie Elmore’s Facebook page.

This wasn’t planned by the happy couple at all


Josh and Morgan did plan photo-shoot at Bald River Falls from the beginning

But to be completely frozen was not a part their plans

Shockingly magical wonderland rose up out of nowhere


And the couple couldn’t have been more happy with this pleasant surprise

The photo-shoot was done by photographer Kellie Elmore

via [boredpanda]