First Time Meeting His Long Distance GF – Entire Trip Illustrated in Comic-Diary

Most beautiful romance movies are written about stories like this. A modern romance between a boy who streams on twitch and a gorgeous girl who’s his number one fan. Italy-based digital artist Simone ‘Simz’ Ferriero has fallen in love with a girl that he never met. She saw him streaming on Twitch and they started chatting regularly. It wasn’t long when Simz decided it was enough of long chatting, and he wanted to meet her in person. So he bought an intercontinental flight to meet Krisi in Toronto. “I had a lot of stress while traveling alone, but I was very determined,” Simz said. He created a romantic diary made from his illustrations painting his love story in the most beautiful way. “I have developed my passion throughout the years and when I was in my twenties I decided to study at the Academy of fine arts.” Now he’s a full-time freelancer, and a feedback he got from all around the world about his comic-diary made him very proud since his goal has always been to inspire people with his art.

Airport in Naples, Italy


“I had a lot of stress while traveling alone,

but I was very determined.”

Frankfurt airport


Her face had separated from the crowd

First kiss

Troubles leaving the airport parking

She’s 5’9″ and he’s 5’6″  🙂


First night together

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

At the coffee shop


Canada’s cold weather

Insomnia troubles

At the mall


Royal Ontario Museum

Xmas trip to Oshawa



CN Tower – Ontario, Canada

Unpleasant surprise

Gift Shop

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