Interview: Jovana Rikalo – Surreal Storyteller and Visual Artist

Jovana Rikalo is a fine art and portrait photographer based in Novi Sad, Serbia. We, at Curious Doodle, had a really special honor to talk with this talented artist whose gift is to capture emotion and story filled with magic. Photo manipulation takes a big part in her masterpieces, it helped her to convey her visions and dreams. Surreal landscapes and magical beauties are one in Jovana’s portraits – mesmerizing fairytales. Focused on emotions, she created a series of photographs where she is telling how to love yourself and be yourself, how to deal with fears and anxiety. The whole idea of perfectly freezing special moments and feelings pushes her to take risks, get creative and learn as much as she can about the art of photo editing. Inspired by dreams, life, and nature, Jovana enjoys traveling and looking for places where she can capture the beauty of our planet and to tell and share with us her stories. In our gallery, you’ll have just a glimpse from her otherworldly portfolio, so be sure to visit her Instagram Page, Stocksy, Behance and website where you can find more of her breathtaking art and contact information. Also, Jovana has a YouTube Channel where you can see a lot of behind the scenes videos and much more. Now, we present you magnificent seven questions for our magnificent artist.

Your style is already very recognizable and unique, so how do you feel about that and what are your thoughts and motives on going forward and still improving yourself and doing it every time even more gorgeous?

“Even when I was at the beginning of my photographing career, I asked myself that every next shot would be better than the previous one…”


“I’m always trying hard and I’m contemplating my ideas – I write, I keep logs and plenty of planning and effort are behind all the projects. I always carry a notebook with my considered ideas if there is a lack of inspiration.”

Did you go to art school?

“No, I studied law and in the second year, I discovered a love for photography. I am a self-taught photographer and I learned almost everything about photography through YouTube and various online tutorials.”


Is it hard to make a career as a fine art photographer?

“Fine art photography is different from other types of photography, it is quite distinctive, and people have divided ideas about fine art because it is something new and unique…”

“I don’t think it’s difficult if you are completely committed and have a clear goal and know what you want. In the end, you always get a reward.”



Where we can find you these days and do you plan some future travels?

“I just returned from the Netherlands where I worked in the field of tulips. I am planning a lot of interesting projects for the next year, and the following destinations are Italy and Slovenia.”

Your greatest artistic influences?

“There are so many of them, but I’d like to single out Tim Walker, Kirsty Mitchell, Flora Borsi, Rosie Hardy, etc.”


What advice would you give an aspiring photographer?

“I always give all young photographers advice to photograph every day, to try different styles and see what works most, what attracts them, to dedicate themselves and never give up.”

Your work has been featured in various publications, do you have some honorable mentions?

“I’m grateful for every mention and they are all equally dear to me, but I was extremely pleased when Instagram contacted me over the phone and wanted to share the photos on their official profile…”


“Luck was unbelievable and I got a lot of followers after these announcements. It was the second time they shared my artwork. Also, I was so proud when Canon Europe wrote to me and when Adobe shared my photo.”

Now, be even more amazed – the best self portrait ever, as she says.

Meet our featured artist – Jovana Rikalo – “I love my job. I am happy enough to do what I love and to live the life to the fullest. Photography is my escape from reality and world where I go to dream. Every theme, every emotion you see on my photos is me. My life. All things that happened to me or what I’ve dreamed…”

“I wanna continue dreaming because that is my source of breathing. Camera is just a tool where I capture the moments. Thank you for being the biggest support and thank you for your choice to dream with me. We are the dreamers.”