Mind-Boggling Amount of Detail in Sack’s Insane Drawings of Metropolises

This amount of detail will make you dizzy and scared. Superhuman, Benjamin Sack is capable of creating insane mazes and cities that jump out of paper. Dystopian structures, hundreds of buildings built close to each other, narrow streets, simply everything insight deserves a close-up look to be fully appreciated. Using only pen and ink, Sack illustrates black and white metropolises. Combination of traditional architecture and fantasy worlds, in lines, spirals, and dot work by the hands of the greatest in the world. Often switching from past to future, Benjamin found a way to stay in one timeline and it was his life from the lockdown in March 2020 until his first vaccine in April. He took that time to create “Roots of Being (per Aspera ad Astra)”. As he says: “A large labyrinth emblematic of the epoch we persevered.”

More info: Instagram, timelapse video, online shop.

“Roots of Being (Per Aspera ad Astra)”

Photo credits: Benjamin Sack

“Endurance” – it feels like structures are jumping out of paper



“Boxed In” – The amount of detail is so scary! Benjamin Sack is superhuman!

“A Sensitive Chaos”




“Tokyo, Japan” – and you can get your prints through Sack’s online shop. Price range ($125-$300).

via [thisiscolossal]