Iceland’s Sky Lagoon – Geothermal Pools Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

The facility is currently under construction under the guidance of the Pursuit hospitality group. Their announcement of the Sky Lagoon coincides with Iceland’s decision to reopen its borders to international travelers after the coronavirus pandemic. The geothermal lagoon is a bright spot to look forward to in the future and promises to be a new destination to unwind and take in Iceland’s nature, including the Northern Lights. When Sky Lagoon is complete, the geothermal lagoon will include an enormous infinity-edge pool that blends the environment into the Atlantic. With its proximity to the city and the ocean, it will give guests the best of both worlds. See for yourself in the gallery below and follow Sky Lagoon’s Instagram Page and official website for new updates.

Sky Lagoon will also feature a swim-up bar, dining experiences, and retail spaces. To stay within Icelandic tradition, several design details are a nod to the culture. This includes turf roofs, which are a typical feature of Icelandic architecture.


“The rejuvenating and relaxing retreat, situated against the dramatic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, yet so close to Reykjavík’s vibrant urban center, will enable guests to connect with mind, body, and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters while taking in such impressive ocean views,” said Dagny Petursdottir, General Manager, Sky Lagoon.


“Spending time relaxing in natural geothermal waters is an integral part of our culture here in Iceland. Sky Lagoon’s multi-sensory oasis will feature an oceanside infinity-edge design in addition to cold pool and sauna experiences.”

via [mymodernmet]