Artist Created Amazing 3D Paintings on Her Hand

Artist Iantha Naicker made some very impressive paintings on her left hand! Using just her right hand, she has done a marvelous job creating these paintings and not only that, she has used her hand in the paintings themselves by making them 3D. Naicker used two types of watercolor pencils for her artwork; Lyra, because it’s soft and light and Karat, because it’s a bit harder and since it’s darker it helps to create depth. She mixed these pencils with water and acrylic colors to create these mesmerizing colors. Using these tools and her brilliant technique, Naicker made 3D renditions that look so life-like that, for instance, the leopard looks as if it’s about to strike! If you enjoyed what you saw here be sure to check out our previous post where we’ve covered Naicker’s ’Unfinished’ Paintings Completed by Ants and Sugar. Also, be sure to visit the artist’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.


A tiny panda and a tiny hug

So realistic you can smell it!


Crouching tiger (the dragon is hidden on the other side)

Even the damage is life-like

Happy little friend


About to jump


Such majestic and vivid colors

On the prowl

via [boredpanda]