Human Chameleons in Hand-Knitted Sweaters Camouflaged in Urban Environments

Past 4 years were the creatively off-beat years for photographer Joseph Ford and his friend knitter Nina Dodd. This project you see below known as Knitted Camouflage was born out of their phenomenal collaboration. The goal was to blend models into their environment as chameleons with custom-made sweaters hand-knitted by Nina Dodd. Her amazing skills perfectly erased the boundaries between models’ torsos and highly textured walls behind them. Knitted camouflage features well known French street artist Monsieur Chat and his trademark cats painted on the wall of the derelict factory. When London-based Joseph Ford speaks about his art he does it in his unique yet adequate way: “The best summary of what I do is ‘storytelling with a side order of off-beat creativity’. Dynamite fishing? Live butterflies flying out of people’s mouths? A railway line merging into a zipper? A crocodile attacking Lacoste sneakers? I’ve done it all.” On Facebook and Instagram, you can follow Joseph Ford’s work and see special behind the scenes footage from this amazing project.

Photography series called ‘Knitted Camouflage’


By photographer Joseph Ford and knitter Nina Dodd

Featuring French street artist Monsieur Chat


via [thisiscolossal]