Delicious Halloween Pies by Famous Pie Artist – ‘The Pieous’

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, aka thePieous, is a fascinating lady who had decided to resurrect the art of decorative pie baking years ago. And look at her now! She’s the founder of “Pies Are Awesome,” she’s been a judge on ‘Food Network’ and ‘Today’, she creates pies content for film, TV, social media, and books. This Halloween is special as many will stay at home due to safety reasons. But no worries Jessica has a solution. “Baking together can be a fun substitute for some of the less safe social activities, and my Halloween pies provide a lot of ‘ins-pie-ration.’” Jessica is a brilliant pie artist who doesn’t hide anything from the public, rather contrary! She tries to bring as many people as she can into decorative pie arts, by sharing her recipes, how-to videos on Instagram, making unique pie related challenges, and more. She loves answering questions and helping new bakers in need. She enjoys seeing people’s pies inspired by her tutorials. Everything about pies makes her happy. Jessica says it’s a way of expressing her love for food, learning about other cultures, flavors, and techniques. She improves creatively and intellectually and bonds with people through her art. Pie art for Jessica is all about experimentation, creativity, and fun, fun fun! And also eating healthy! If you want to see more pies by thePieous, check out our previous post.

More info: Instagram, YouTube, Pies Are Awesome.

All Hallow Pies are coming your way! Who’s eating who here?!

Photo credits: Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

This pie is not messing around

All pies are made by famous Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, aka thePieous.

Jessica has a Halloween pie open collaboration going on now through the month of October,


People can post their own #MonsterPie and have a chance to win a signed copy of Jessica’s pie art book ‘Pie Modding.’

I’m already blown away by the work people are posting! So creative and spooky.”

If you want to learn how to make pies like these, you can find a lot of educational things on Jessica’s Instagram and Youtube.

She shares her recipes and how-to videos, and she’s always there to answer baking-related questions.


Jessica is a founder of ‘Pies Are Awesome,’ and she’s been a judge on ‘Food Network’ and ‘Today’.

For her pie art is all about experimentation, creativity, and fun!

And also eating healthy!

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