Grumpy Husky’s Hilarious Attempt at Christmas Card Photo-shoot

Some of us hope for Christmas spirit to come and some of us just don’t care. Well with famous grumpy Siberian husky Anuko you never know. In his defense, Jasmine, Anuko’s loving owner said: “He has a dark black mask around his face that makes him look that way. It runs in his family. He’s mostly chilled out, very quiet. He’s not overbearing so doesn’t like cuddles that much, but if you leave the room he will follow. He’s like my little shadow and he intervenes when he sees necessary – something that’s benefited me a lot regarding my mental health.” Until Anuko’s entered Jasmine’s life, she was in a very bad place, depressive and even suicidal. She got Anuko when he was just 5 weeks old and she’s thankful to him for everything good in her life. Now she runs a website called Snowdog Guru, where she helps other Snowdog owners. Before Anuko she was alone, with no friends, job or school, and now she’s happy she even made a decision to go to the vet school this year. She’s 80k followers on Instagram and a Facebook page also where you could jump on the bandwagon or should I say a sled with other adorable Sled dogs.

This is the face of the hero ladies and gents


He can smell the Christmas spirit so far away

So far away



There’s no Christmas this year!

This is Jasmine and her dearest Husky Anuko

She’s struggled with deep depression before Anuko entered her life


Now her life is completely changed and she’s happy again

And thankful to Anuko for everything good in her life

via [boredpanda]