Solitary Figures and Botanical Elements in Fares Micue’s Self-Portrait Photographs

Spain-based, self-taught fine art/conceptual photographer Fares Micue uses herself as a muse creating otherworldly self-portraits. Mostly set on plain backgrounds – though Micue does occasionally shoot on location – each photograph depicts the artist incorporated with a botanical element. Even when working indoors, the artist uses exclusively natural light, and also utilized Photoshop to edit her final images in a way that matches her inner vision. Micue started exploring the medium as a hobby in 2009. She grew to love the process of creating and critiquing each image as a conceptual work. You can find more of Micue’s self-portraits on Instagram and her Saatchi Art profile, where limited edition prints are available for purchase.

In some works, Micue’s face is obscured in a glass bowl sphere bursting with flowers; in others, blossoms cascade down her shoulders.


“It always starts with an idea in my head and the feeling I want to portray.”

“Most times I create a sketch of the image I want to create together with as many details as I can get like colors, mood, location, clothing, props, etc.”

“…as well as a short story about the image.”


Love Me Tender

“The science of sadness: Without even knowing you hold sadness close to you and it spread into your life to the point where you feel trap by it.”


La Vie En Rose



“The visitor: Sometimes we wait so much for that special person to come that when he/she finally does we wonder if he/she came from another planet.”

“DISTORTED REALITY: Sometimes we choose to see the world as we are seeing it through a fishbowl because everything look more beautiful than it really is. In this photo, behind the fishbowl there are just a rock and a light but it look like a beautiful sunset just a DISTORTED REALITY.”

Golden Girl


As a self-portrait photographer she loves to observe, and uses her own perception of the world to create stories based of human natural feelings like fear, love, desire or desperation.

Celestial Girl

The Guardians

Lady Spring II


Buried With Love

“Eternal sunshine: Our dreams and goals are the energy that push us though hard times.”

“Hunted by reality: Sometimes we try to hide our fears, insecurities or past under the rug pretending to be someone we are not, but eventually reality will hunt us down and reveal who we really are. We must always solves out conflicts, problems or insecurities and not just hide them.”

Growing Wild

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