Enter Zen – “Fairy Tale Miniature Gardens” by Réka Elekes

“Fairy Tale Gardens” are miniature plant gardens made by hand by Réka Elekes at home during the quarantine period. Elekes found some extra time to learn and experience the magic of creating these beautiful tiny worlds. Inspired by fairy tales, the visual concept demands all the little details to be carefully done. From furniture to accessories, the little gardens feel like the place you would love to stop by and relax. Using natural materials, including twigs and dried parts of plants, the entire process feels very relaxing. “I even jokingly considered changing professions, as the idea of making mini gardens seems much less stressful than the responsibilities of my everyday job.” In the beginning, the artist gifted a few of her art pieces to her close friends. As her practice continued, she had even done some commissions for the people who wished to order. For more information, visit the artist’s Facebook page and see if you can get one of these little heavens for yourself.

“Fairy Tale Gardens” – miniature handmade plant gardens by Réka Elekes

Photo credits: Réka Elekes.

This one is the first mini garden Réka ever made.

And here, she’s hidden little fairy swing.



Just look at the details – tiny swing chair covered in moss.

As we said – from furniture to accessories, these little gardens really feel like the place you would love to stop by and relax.


Fairy village on the moss.

And on the pine tree.


via [boredpanda]