Epic Bizarre Costumes/Makeup by Revolutionary Artist – Joyce Spakman

Godly yet scary, these truly awe-inspiring full-body costumes with makeup are all work of art by one and only Joyce Spakman aka Candy Makeup Artist. It all started when Joyce was just a 14-year-old girl doing little designs and (curious) doodles on her arm. At the age of 18, she started theatre make-up studies in Amsterdam, which lasted for 3 years. Now 15 years later Spakman is a winner of the World Bodypainting Festival and a well-known and established in her unique art. Bizzare is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about her art style. Bizzare but in the most brilliant way possible. As a teacher of a lot of masterclasses and workshops in the Netherlands, Spakman never stops to evolve and look for something new. The main goal is always to create a character with a mythical story intertwined. But often the main problem is the heaviness of the materials she likes to use. The Covid lockdown gave Spakman the opportunity to invent new materials and techniques that are revolutionary in this artform. “I have always desired a lightweight, pliable version of porcelain and stained glass, to bring my creations to the next level, so I took it upon myself to create Porcelain 2.0—my own lightweight wearable porcelain and stained glass… and with this new technique, I can only hope to see the likes of Rihanna or Lady Gaga wearing one of my costumes when the whole world will become a bit safer again!”

More info: Instagram, Etsy.

Handmade by Joyce Spakman aka Candy Makeup Artist

Photographer: Au contraire photography
Photographer: Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen

Spakman is a professional makeup artist and a self-taught stylist.


She has invented “lightweight wearable porcelain and stained glass” and all of these costumes are made out of them.

Spakman is also a winner of the last year’s World Bodypainting Festival. No surprise there.


Her characters are not just that. They all have deep stories that surround them.

Headdress made out of stained glass.

Spakman also works on music videos. Again no surprise there!

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