Dogs Impact Kids’ Lives More Than You Know

Scientifically proven, pets and especially dogs aid our souls from a young age, giving us multiple benefits in terms of healthy development. In 2017 research from the University of Cambridge have surveyed 12-year-old children from 77 families who had at least one pet in their home and more than one child. The analysis focused on satisfaction with the relationship, feelings of companionship, communication, and conflict. Interestingly, in a way kids bond with their pets even more than with their siblings, as pets can’t communicate back as well, therefore they are completely non-judgmental. Out of all pets, dogs have proven to be having the most positive impact on children and particularly in the terms of conflicts in the family. Improving social skills of young boys and girls, and impacting overall emotional well-being. Girls also have slightly more disclosure, companionship, and conflict with their pets than boys. The continuous studies bring back the evidence that pets do have positive benefits on human health and community cohesion. And now I want to have another dog.

“6 Years Of Friendship”

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“Two Street Children, With Barely Enough Money To Afford Slippers, Bandage An Injured Puppy”

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“8 Months Ago, Our Son Got A Support Dog. Our Son Was Mostly Wheelchair Dependent. We Hoped His Dog Would Help Him Grow Stronger. I Think We Can Conclude That Together They Succeeded”

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“My Son Has Autism And One Of His Unique Trait, Is His Need For Physical Contact At All Times. Barb Came Into Our Lives And Elected Herself To The Position Of Weighted Blanket & Bodyguard”

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“We Told Lincoln To Watch Some Youtube Videos On How To Train His Puppy. So here he is, showing them to the dog.”

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