DIY Cardboard Costumes by Alicia Brown

Melbourne Mama & Chief cardboard maker at Zygote Brown Designs, Alicia Brown is a star of today’s story. And it’s quite trendy with Halloweek on our hands. Australia’s talent, Alicia designs templates for people to make costumes out of cardboard. “I love cardboard, it’s completely underestimated. Most people throw away their cupboard boxes. But when I get a brand new crisp cardboard box in the house, I get really excited about the possibilities,” Alicia says. To make things even clearer artist has her own YouTube channel where she shows how to put costumes together. After she shared a photo of other artist using her template Alicia wrote: “I just provide the template you provide the creativity.” Her creations take the life of their own through other peoples’ imaginations and passion.


Artist Alicia Brown is a Melbourne Mama & Chief cardboard maker at Zygote Brown Designs

You can buy templates for all of these DIY cardboard costumes


Depending on the template price is from 5$ to 25$

“I love cardboard, it’s completely underestimated.”


You can watch her YouTube channel to see how to put the costumes together

ZZ Top


Fionajoy_Art said: “I found a fabulous template for purchase over at @zygote_brown for the Viking hat”

Source: Fionajoy_Art

In return Alicia replied: “I just provide the template, you provide the creativity.”


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