Dinosaurs in the Streets of Paris! Street-Art and Holographic Installations

Julien Nonnon is a French visual artist and founding member of the Le3 creative studio. His works essentially articulate the interaction of his creations with the architecture and urban elements surrounding him. This process has successfully brought numerous artistic projects to completion, combining Street-Art, kinetic installations, digital creations, and Video-Mapping. One of those impressive projects is “Prehistoric Safari”. Nonnon’s specialty street art utilizes an embedded video projection system, allowing him to decorate the facades of buildings with massive holograms of dinosaurs. Among them are well-known species like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus. Nonnon placed these prehistoric creatures in the alleyways of the Jardin d’Acclimation and invited visitors to explore the immersive installations, which included interactive live shows. Enjoy our gallery below and be sure to visit Nonnon’s website where you can keep up with his latest holographic installations and follow him on Instagram.

This series, titled Prehistoric Safari, focuses on the streets of Paris; however, Nonnon has taken this specialty art to several other locations.


Showing the desire to see his works in the street, he developed his own tools allowing him therefore to project his creations in any location that inspires him.


The French artist uses a combination of Street-Art, kinetic installations, digital creations and Video-Mapping.

Once a series is completed, Nonnon provides a map link so that viewers may track all of his art around the city.

via [mymodernmet]