Whimsical Animals in Wonderfully Peculiar Digital Worlds by Jean-Charles Debroize

We always love to share digital art by the top of the foodchain artists, today it’s by Mr. Jean-Charles Debroize. French art director and retoucher is able to combine photographs and digital art bringing whimsical madness and joy to his images. The Rennes-based artist has mastered skills including After Effect (software), Illustrations, Indesign, Photoshop… He’s working at Kerozen – “We are 9 senior employees and communication experts. We always favor the bold approach, the primary source of effectiveness, vitality, and brand preference.” The team that is convinced that the essence of communication is creation, breeds highly intelligent and talented artists like Debroize. The imagination set loose and the result is marvelous as proven in images you see below. Enter the wonderland of Jean-Charles Debroize!

More info: Behance, Kerozen.

Captain Birdmerica on a mission

Image credits: Jean-Charles Debroize

Vacation baby!

If only a real-life would be so magical

Oh, Frank, this is so lovely… – Nothing is as lovely as you, my sweet little bacon. <3


This screams childhood imagination in all of its glory!

Soaring through the creative mind of Debroize

Fascinating detail



Rabbit trick with Affinity (software)

I am…

Wait, wait, wait… someone is taking a photo of us.

Nuclear War Soon… I guess nothing to worry about.


Fox on the run, and Raccoon killing it on keys…

Where to?


Here are some bonus images from Debroize



Debroize is currently working at Kerozen, the team of 9 creative artists

This is painful and incredibly realistic looking

via [designyoutrust]