Dark Fantasy Characters by Masterclass Make-Up Artist Joyce Spakman

Joyce Spakman, a girl ever in love with make-up. Since she was 14 she was experimenting with makeup, doing small designs and doodles on her arm. Not even knowing make-up education existed until one day a school teacher told her and her mind was set from that day on. She knew she will be one day a professional make-up artist and she was right. 18-years-old Joyce was taking theatre make-up studies in Amsterdam 3 years long. “These were the best 3 years of my life! I loved working with make-up every day and every year I noticed big progress in my own make-up works.” It was the time around where she started working on handmade headdresses drawing inspiration from Miss G Designs. Joyce always wished to complete her characters with cool styling. Creating everything from scratch. She had been organizing workshops for make-up and headdresses. Now, 12 years later a freelance make-up artist loves working at events and festivals, and Having masterclasses and workshops in the Netherlands. Still, the most enjoyable thing in life for Joyce is creating the whole character from styling to make-up, even though it can absorb 2 months of her life. Here are her most amazing dark fantasy characters for you to gaze upon. Some can be bought on her Etsy shop and more can be seen on her Instagram.

By Joyce Spakman – from styling to make-up



Virginie Ropars’ Doll

‘Pastel Love’


‘Scary Clown’





‘Alice in Wonderland’


‘Flower Fairy’



‘Crimson Peak’





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