Corgi Crime – Fluff of Blood – Directors Cut

This one is a bit hard to believe but let’s just play along with it. The corgi named Cartier did a little mischief massacre all by himself. His owners let him go for a walk down Ayutthaya’s (Thailand) streets but this time something was different. Cartier was late home, and the owners started to worry. It’s a strange story if you ask me, but still. They’ve looked everywhere just to find him in the kitchen, MURDERED! No, not really, even though there was a suspicious knife laying around, drenched in blood just like the poor mutilated pup. Actually, the pup was totally fine, since it was drenched in red syrup, simply giving its owners a good scare. How would you act if you saw your cute corgy decorating your kitchen floors like this? Would you have time to take your phone out and make a perfect photo or would you jump at him to check if he’s still alive with guts inside? If you like corgies then you must check out our hilarious post Oscar-Nominated Flicks with a Corgi Twist‘.

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Meet this little mischievous Corgi named Cartier

Photo credits: Corgi-Cartier

Corgi Crime in Thailand’s murder mystery unraveled

Little puff staged his own mutilation using…

Red syrup!


He’s quite a star when he’s not being murdered.

Corgi butts all day!

Bad Corgi hair day

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