Colorful Minimalist Photography from California with Love

Tom Windeknecht – a Southern California photographer and videographer, brand collaborator, Instagram influencer and content creator living in Redlands, California. His colorful and fun minimalist style captures the eyes of various brands, keeping him busy with creative collaborations to produce vibrant product photos and playful stop-motion animations. “My passions are the product, landscape, minimalism, travel, and architectural photography. I like to photograph throughout California, as well as to travel to other destinations to capture new images.” Since 2016, Windeknacht’s been a Google Ambassador for its award-winning Google Pixel phones and a member of Google’s #teampixel. Find out more about Tom Windeknecht on his official website and follow him on Instagram.

Smile for the birdie!



Minimalist photography is inspired by the concept of minimalism in art – a style of art that was used by many 20th Century artists, such as Ad Reinhardt, Anne Truitt, and Frank Stella.

The Webster Dictionary defines minimalism as: A style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.


#PickaPortraitStyle challenge

The goal of minimalism in photography is to convey a concept or an idea, to provoke an emotional response, or provide a unique visual experience.

San Francisco, California


Sundown Surprise – Redlands, California

“I love the desert. I like the quiet, the open land, the smells, and the unshakeable and resilient landscape. This was my first time in Marfa, Texas and it was an incredible experience.”


“Who wants to live in a colorful city like this?” – Chinatown, Boston

“This photo is of a colorful umbrella installation in my town of Redlands, California. I may not live in “LA” or the “OC”, but I love my town! We have great people, an art-loving community, and awesome food and drinks. I enjoy going to our historic downtown area to eat, see local art, shop, and grab some coffee.”

“I would take the stairs more often if they looked like this.”


Artistically speaking, minimalism depends on simplicity, negative space, and involves using a minimal amount of compositional components such as shape, color, and line.

Tiny arms… big heart. Cabazon Dinosaurs.

“Feeling the need for Palm Springs.”

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