Can You Find Your Partner and Yourself in These Professional ‘Chicken In Love’ Portraits?

When you think about your partner and yourself, how do you imagine it? Are you guys both fabulous, quirky like a quirky turkey? Maybe a gentleman has epic mustaches and a lady is an elegant diva? I’m sure you will find a chicken couple that resembles you and your lover in the most hilarious way.

“This work is a tribute to love and diversity because you know, love is love,” Moreno Monti (the photographer behind these shots) shared. “No matter who and no matter how. Just look at them. They are beautiful and look like real couples in life. And they know it.” It all started long ago. “My friend and work partner Matteo joined me in this passion/madness for chickens. We created our first photographic book about the hidden beauty of these amazing animals.” Today, after hundreds and hundreds of chickens photographed they’ve gathered another collection and it’s this one. Chickens in love. “we ended up with enough material to think about publishing a new book. That’s why we just launched a Kickstarter campaign.”

– More info: kickstarterofficial website.

“This work is a tribute to love and diversity because you know, love is love.” – Moreno Monti


Incredible, they barely look like real chickens



I’m a big boy

Basically a perfect rooster?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith in action

I imagine them giving us all the time that unsatisfied look. “I’m disappointed in you…”


Hair metal

Blending in. Epic shot. Will be on their livingroom wall.


She’s a ninja

look at my legs baby

“Psst Chica, I love you.”


Help Moreno through his Kickstarter in order to get this collection seen as a photographic book one day

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