“Building Bridges” New Gigantic Art Piece in Venice by Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn’s work in Venice keeps on growing. After his first work in 2017 titled “Support” – the two giant hands emerging from the water, supporting an old building, now “Building Bridges” has seen the light of the day. Again, giant arms with hands clasped over a waterway – representing people and cultures coming together over differences. Quinn says: “Humanity has never grown by creating barriers. It always grows when it opens up its borders and it welcomes new cultures. Venice is a testament to that… It has been a driving force of European growth always.” With Halcyon Gallery representing Mr. Quinn, more and more wonders keep on happening and more eyes are drawn at their magnificent art. For more photos check out Lorenzo Quinn’s Instagram and official website.

Location Venice, Italy


Representing people and cultures coming together over differences


Wonder-work by Lorenzo Quinn – Titled Building Bridges

Photograph by David M. Benett

This is “Support” from 2017, a previous work from Lorenzo Quinn, also in Venice


via [thisiscolossal]