Bohemian Aristocat Barnaby is the President of Cats

Bohemian aristocat, Barnaby the Persian feline is too fluffy even for his own good, and all he can do is simply continue his ‘no-coffee-morning’ looking face. He’s so sleepy and out of it, his ‘bad hair day’ furstyle compliments him perfectly. Eyes shying away from each other just add another note to his incredible couldn’t-care-less attitude. May 2020, will be Barnaby’s 5th birthday. 5 years of life and 20 hours of sleep per day as owners’ shared… That means he was barely 296 days awake yet he might already be at half of his lifespan. That’s depressing Barnaby, you gotta fix that, find a girl, have kids… Do something! Not too long ago Barnaby got a little sister, though he wasn’t too fond of her in the beginning. “He naps on my chair during the day so if I want to sit down, I have to sit on the floor,” the owner shares. “He only likes to be petted when he’s in the mood. We love him.” Dang Barnaby, you’re lucky you’re an eccentric Bohemian aristocat too pleasing to the human eyes.

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Photo credits: Barnaby_persian

You can’t meet Barnaby ’cause he doesn’t want to meet you.

Go away!

Barnaby is a Persian cat and too active at all…


He never takes his morning coffee.

He sleeps 20 hours a day.

He likes to be petted only when he pleases.

Barnaby will soon be 5! Yet only 296 days of being awake.


Still, he’s an absolute cutie!

Eyes shying away from each other and a bad hair day are perfectly complimenting his charisma.

A true president of cats. Barnaby the eccentric bohemian aristocat.

via [boredpanda]