The Best Wedding Photos of 2018 Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Tears of joy, the happiest embraces, a splash of love exploding as colorful fireworks in the chests of closest family members, a bride and the groom. Weddings can even go somewhat wrong, unexpected things happen and the best day of your life may not go exactly as you planned. But if you have an exceptional wedding photographer who’s able to capture unique moments that will melt your hearts and put a smile on your face to the rest of your life, no wedding could ever fail. Unless it’s the Ross Geller’s wedding. The Fearless Awards is a competition, a part of Fearless Photographers, a company founded in 2010. These are the most fearless wedding photographs in the last couple of years. In an interview with Artfido, creator of the fearless photographers explains his motives and how it all started. “Fearless Photographers was founded in 2010 when I was still a working wedding photographer. I am now retired from wedding photography so I can work full-time on the Fearless Photographers business. I founded Fearless to showcase the work of many wedding photographers who made amazing images that went beyond typical wedding photography. I wanted to compile collections of these wedding photos to show the world how distinctive and breathtaking wedding photographs could be.”


2018 Fearless Awards hosted by Fearles Photogrpahers

This is just… Golden


Naah, doggo’s not having it without him

Absolutely amazing! Her earring as a tear…


A generation too short


Splash of colors and joy

Like the good ol’ times


To be able to catch this… priceless

Both sides

via [artfido]