Behind the Fluff with Coby the Cat

Maybe you already know about this special snowflake since he is a real Instagram star, but today we talk about his majesty – Coby – a four-year-old silver shaded British Shorthair. This handsome boy currently lives in California, where he’s been venturing outside and enjoying the temperate climate. Also, Coby takes food very seriously and can get a bit testy if his meals aren’t served on time. Unlike other cats, Cobe-mister enjoys the water; particularly splashing in it and watching his mom clean it up. And as we already noticed – he loves to pose and strut his fluff for the camera. Khm, only on his terms. You have to love him! For more fluffiness visit Cobes’ Instagram Page and website where you can check out his meowtastic shop and admire some fan art he collected.

“I got my name Coby because of my cobalt blue eyes. My mom fell in love with them the moment she met me.”


“I also respond to several nicknames, such as Cobes, Coby Baby, and Cobe-mister. I do not respond to Chubster, Cottonball, or Cobzilla.”

The Catchelor of your dreams. Meow!


“When I need a good think, I sit in the sink.”

When you can’t get enough of all the fan art you get.

“Objects in mirror are naughtier than they appear.”


When the catnip munchies hit.

“My morning routine: coffee, news, litterbox. Not necessarily in that order.”

“I love to snuggle, steal the covers, and play hide and seek.”

“Nothing gets in the way of my me-time. Wait, is that food?!”


“Don’t judge. In cat culture, Hawaiian shirts are in.”


“I must confess, he-who-shall-not-be-named (AKA the vet) told me I could stand to lose a couple pounds.”

Humans have TVs. Cats have windows.

Another glorious fan art – another masterpiece.