Peeled and Carved – Amazing Banana 3D Art

Banana and pen are all you need to be a star. Well, almost, with a little of extraordinary talent Dutch artist Stephan Brusche has you just might make it. An inspirational collection of ‘a-peeling’ banana art proves a point that you really don’t need any fancy equipment to start your business and be successful. Give a man a banana and he’ll get 100k of followers in no time. That sounded maybe a bit weird but it’s true. What Stephan can do with his bananas is quite brilliant and quite jaw-dropping. Don’t worry about your jaws, though, unless you really like Marlyn Monroe’s famous dress scene, then you and your banana might be in trouble. Visit Stephan’s amazing Instagram profile for more creatively banging bananas.

Edward Bananhands – by Stephan Brusche


Inspirational and ‘a-peel-ing’ collection of banana art

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress scene


Jaw-dropping bananas

Can you find David?


Moms are the best! Love your mama boys and girls!


Stephan has more than 100k of followers on Instagram, be a part of it!

via [laughingsquid]