Highly Detailed Avocado Art by Daniele Barresi

We’ve already covered many food artists and presented their fantastic craft, including Takehiro Kishimoto who also have done brilliant things on avocado. But today, we’re enjoying avocado shape manipulations by the Italian food sculptor Daniele Barresi. His favorite superfood, avocado seems to be his favorite food canvas as well, even though he’s been practicing his arts on various other vegetables and fruits for years. Obviously, the process is meticulous as it gets, for Barresi to achieve such incredible detail that stands together until the end. Make sure to check out Barresi’s Instagram and official website for more information.


Photo credits: Daniele Barresi

Would you know that this was an avocado?

We present you the work by the world champion carving designer – Daniele Barresi


Such astonishing precision!


The calmness, the patience, it all results in beautiful art that before you

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