Autumn Leaves Meet Watercolor Illustrations in a Beautiful Display of Art by Allen Shaw

Indian artist, based in Berlin-Germany, Allen Shaw has plenty of knowledge behind his many talents. He finished his studies as a class of 2000 in the National Institue of Design, India. He was trained as an animation filmmaker, but he doesn’t practice it anymore. Now, he’s a more oriented artist as an illustrator and storyteller. His favorite time of the year is autumn and each year he devotes his artistic time to create a new autumn-inspired illustrative series. Usually, the base for his art are watercolor illustrations, but this year he had decided to collect leaves and use them as a base. More precisely, first, he would take photographs of the carefully placed leaves and then use that as a starting point for the final art piece. He studied the photo composition, to later create figures that fit the context of the photos. Quite excitedly artist shared: “In my opinion, the fall season is magical and I personally can’t get enough of it… Hope you enjoy these as much as I did [enjoy] creating them.”

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“Is It A Bird Or Is It A Plane?” – by Allen Shaw

Photo credits: Theolddrifter

“Chasing Leaves!” – Allen Shaw

“Play Me A Lullaby!”

“Autumn Wind”


“The Ride”

“The Grace In Your Fall”

“Autumn Surfing!”

“Autumn Ballet”


“Autumn Setting The Stage On Fire. Marilyn Are You Watching?”


“Hi There!”

“Six Strings”


“Autumn, Here She Comes!”

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