Adorable Watercolor Characters Illustrated as Re-Imagining of Fruits and Vegetables

Marijana Tiurina is a brilliant artistic visionary who brings us a collection of adorable watercolor characters as re-imagined fruits and vegetables. She says she’s lucky to be living very close to one of the best greengrocers in London. Every week she finds herself gazing at a vast array of beautiful exotic fruits and vegetables that ended up inspiring this whole project. As Tiurina explained: “That is what mostly inspired this personal project, and that’s pretty much what it’s all about: I have been picking green foods I found interesting and inspiring, and creating characters based on those. Simple!” All she had was a paper, watercolor and a beautiful mind to envision unique characters with distinguishing traits you can identify with. After few months she had finished her fantastic set in which the world had fallen in love. You can buy her amazing art prints, posters, canvas and framed prints on her online store. Also, check out her full project on Behance to see her fascinating portfolio.

‘A Curious Horned Melon’ – Illustrated by talented Marijana Tiurina


‘An Affectionate Watermelon’

‘A Sceptical Fig’

‘A Loony Rambutan’


‘An Alluring Dragon Fruit’

‘A Melancholic Lettuce’

‘A Concerned Pink Cabbage And Star Fruit’

‘A Sneaky Physalys’


‘A Thoughtful Turban Squash’

‘A Chill Purple Cabbage’

‘An Arrogant Pomegranate’

via [boredpanda]